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 2.8 billion people live in areas of high water stress

 2.5 billion people have unreliable or no access to electricity

 By 2050, the world will need 55% more water and global energy demand will increase by 70%, against the backdrop of climate change

  Energy needs water - thermoelectric power generation accounts for 45% of U.S. freshwater withdrawal, or 161 billion cubic meters

  Water needs energy - 24 billion cubic meters of drinking water is desalinated yearly, consuming up to 66 TWh of energy and is equivalent to emitting 46 million metric tonnes of CO2

Sources: UN WWAR and WWDR, IEA, IRENA, World Bank, U.S. EIA, U.S. EPA, USGS, GWI Desal. Markets 2016



  Welcome to the Yip Research Lab at Columbia University, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering. Our group focuses on advancing technologies and innovations for the sustainable production of water and energy, to address challenges at the nexus of water, energy, and the environment. For description of ongoing projects, visit our Research Page!



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