Join us!

We are recruiting motivated and dynamic students and researchers who are passionate about water, energy, and the environmental!

Ph.D. Students

We are looking for exceptional graduate students with a curiosity for science and an appetite for knowledge. Background in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, material science and engineering, or a closely related field is strongly preferred. Prior research experience and industry training are both highly valued. The lab covers a broad spectrum of research activities, including experimental studies, theoretical work, and modeling, with focus on material and process development.

Interested applicants are to contact Prof. Yip to discuss research opportunities before applying to Columbia. Graduate application information can be found at the Earth and Environmental Engineering website.


Postdoctoral Researchers

We are seeking a postdoc with background in areas that can complement our research expertise, such material chemistry, electrochemical processes, or microbiology.



Our lab offers opportunities for extensive research experience. Undergraduates will be involved in all aspect of research: from literature review to hands-on in the lab to data analysis to research communication. Students will initially work alongside senior researchers but are expected to work independently and make novel contributions as they progressively gain ownership of their own projects.

Undergrads can receive either academic credit or work-study remuneration, and research activities may extend into summer. Minimum weekly commitment to earn academic credit is 10 hours. Undergrad researchers are expected to attend lab group meetings and departmental seminars as their schedule permits. Students committed to research are encouraged to apply through this link.

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